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The Importance of Keeping Your Boat Clean

15 September 2015
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Cleaning your boat on a regular basis can save you time and money as well as preserve the value of your investment. Whether you own a comfortable cruising yacht, a luxury powerboat or a performance racing boat, keeping everything spic and span will not only make your time onboard…

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How to Winterise Your Yacht

21 April 2015
FILED IN: Yacht Winterisation, Yacht Maintenance

Boats, like people, don’t benefit from long periods of inactivity, so the best way to keep your yacht in a seaworthy condition is to continue using it all year round. Unfortunately, however, unless you can afford to sail your yacht to a warmer climate for the winter months,…

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Who is winterising your boat this year?

22 October 2014
FILED IN: Yacht Winterisation, Yacht Maintenance

It's that time of year again to think about winterising your boat. - Yacht Assesments - Professional Rig checks - repair, service and valet Sails and covers - service life rafts, safety equipment and lifejackets  - internal spring cleans  - winterisation of water…

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